Parent Resources

Packing List

ü 3 changes of weekday wear

ü 2 changes of Shabbat wear (Dressy shirts and slacks for boys. Tops and skirts/dresses for girls.)

ü Dress shoes

ü Casual Shoes (Boots! There is a high chance it will be snowing.)

ü Coat

ü Hat, Scarves, Gloves

ü Pajamas

ü Bath towel

ü Face towel

ü Toiletries

ü Petty cash ($20-$50)

ü Kipa (boys)

ü Tefilin - If you have your own

ü International Flights: Passports

ü Domestic Flights: Photo I.D.

ü Umbrella (Suggested)


Important Forms

Parental Consent Form
Code of Conduct