Today, on the fast of 17 Tammuz, our hearts and minds are with our brothers and sisters in Israel. Although Israel was willing to agree to a ceasefire, nevertheless Hamas is continuing to rain rockets on Israel. With over 1,000 rocket strikes, elderly, hospitalized, bedridden, and pregnant Israelis are finding it hard – if not impossible – to reach shelter in time – 15 seconds up to 40 kilometers from Gaza. Our extended Jewish family is under fire.

Is there anything we can do? Most of us are hundreds or thousands of miles away, in our own communities. Yet our very being cries out: How can we help?

Here at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life of Merrick, we have reached out to make a difference.  We have taken upon ourselves to try and help 30 people living on the South of Israel who are constantly running to bomb shelters, to find refuge in the North.

My uncle, Rabbi Yosef Kramer, who directs the Chabad of Tiberias has reached out to me. Tiberias is in the North and not affected by the rockets. He told me that he can arrange shelter and food for 30 people from the southern part of Israel, getting them out of range of fire and giving them some peace of mind. Priority will be given to pregnant women, families with children and the elderly.

Now is the time to help. You can sponsor one person’s stay for just $30 a day. For a total of $50 a day, you can sponsor their hot meals as well. Remember, a child who experiences this nightmare may relive it every day of his life. We can help by temporarily bringing them to a place where they can rest, stabilize and feel safe.

Click here for prayers and mitzvot you can do for our brothers and sisters in Israel. 

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