Dear Friend,

When the Chabad Center for Jewish Life was established in Merrick in 2006, we began with a simple and refreshing premise, one that continues to serve as our core value today: A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Period. Our goal is to serve the material, spiritual, and social needs of the Jewish community, to connect each individual, regardless of commitment and background.

With tremendous blessing and community support, the Chabad Center for Jewish Life has emerged as one of Merrick-Bellmore-Wantagh’s most dynamic and vibrant Jewish organizations. The friendly, non-judgmental approach and openness make everyone feel welcome, and the wide range of programs and services enable Jews of all ages and backgrounds to experience the warmth and beauty of Jewish life.

Part of the dream has always been to create a place, a community center, where all the diverse programs, services, and activities of our growing community can come together – a home where people feel welcome and where their various community needs can be met. We want everyone to feel that this is their home. Our hope is that the new Chabad Center for Jewish Life will strengthen people’s existing organization and synagogue affiliations, and create new bonds in our community as we grow together.

We have, with G‑d’s help and the support of generous donors, purchased a 25,000 ft2 office building in a prime location in Merrick, on Hewlett Ave, one block north of Sunrise Highway and the Merrick LIRR. We have completed Phase One, investing in immediate needs to make the facility usable, and are now working toward Phase Two, constructing the Jewish Early Learning Center, Community Mikvah, Multi-Purpose Room, library and study hall. We are also excited about the possibilities for future development, and look forward to your input.

We hope you will join us in continuing to build upon these already strong foundations, as we open our doors and hearts to a flourishing future for our community.


Rabbi Shimon and Chanie Kramer