A Mikvah is one of the most important and vital institutions for any community. The pristine, fully modern Community Mikvah combines practical beauty with innate spirituality, allowing for an experience that is private, relaxing, rejuvenating, and uplifting. The Mikvah opens a connection to eternal Jewish spirituality, and gives the gift of purity and transcendence to the individual, the community, and the Jewish people as a whole.

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Dedications Mikvah Rooms & Items


Main Mezuza
Founder's Wall   Tree of Life

$54,000 & up

Friends & Family  Supporter $1,000 Donor $500
The dedication wall will be installed inside the Mikvah lobby/waiting area, as a visual reminder of our united efforts. On this wall will rest a great collection of drop-like plaques, engraved with your name or dedication. Dedication (for Dedications, Founder's Wall or Tree of Life)


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I am/we are pleased to participate in the establishment of the new Merrick-Bellmore Community Mikvah. I/We hereby pledge to give the sum of $ to the building campaign. I/We have delineated above the dedication(s) we have selected for our pledge.

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installments of each.

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