Our fundamental goal is to provide a planned educational environment, rich in learning experiences, so that a positive foundation for the future will be nurtured. We are dedicated to providing those learning experiences that will develop a positive self-image in every child along with the emotional, social, and intellectual skills necessary to be successful in the classroom.


Generally, the activities in our curriculum are designed:

•   to teach children, recognizing that growth and development are unique to each child and that children develop skills at different rates especially in the areas of emergent literacy and mathematics;

•   to motivate children to learn;

•   to prepare children for academic work.


To reach our overall goals, the program has the following major objectives:

•   to identify the individual needs of the child;

•   to develop a positive and realistic self-image;

•   to develop positive relationships with peers and adults;

•   to encourage the child to express himself/herself creatively;

•   to develop good listening and self-help skills;

•   to develop language through listening, speaking, and dramatic play activities;

•   to develop maximum physical growth through gross and fine motor activities;

•   to provide experiences to stimulate and develop cognitive skills.

Daily activities are organized around the learning center approach including: art, social studies, science, blockbuilding, housekeeping, dramatic play, language arts and math readiness. We also include whole group instruction in the areas of music and large motor skills.

In addition to our Universal Pre-K program, the Jewish Early Learning Center offers your child a one and a quarter hour Judaic Enrichment program, in which Jewish traditions are explored and discovered. Our goal in this program is to ignite a spark in each child to appreciate his/her Jewish heritage and continue to learn.