The Circle of Hope provides financial, emotional, and educational support for all breast cancer patients, their families, and the community.

There are those who cannot afford the expenses associated with the treatment of breast cancer, putting them at a serious disadvantage when the focus should be on recovery. The Circle of Hope fills this void by providing these women and families with financial assistance. Financial aid can be in the form of helping with insurance co-pays, or even providing summer camp scholarships for their children.

Othersmay be in need of emotional support and the Circle of Hope recognizes this need by offering weekly support groups. Breast cancer patients can speak with survivors and connect with other breast cancer patients and their families. Being able to discuss what they are going through in a group setting, with the help of a moderator, will help to ease the burden on the patient and the family as well.

Prevention is important and the Circle of Hope provides health seminars to the Merrick, Bellmore, and Wantagh communities. Top specialists in their fields will make the public aware of the many preventative tests that are available. This kind of educational programming can be instrumental in saving countless lives through early detection and treatment.

The community, medical professionals, survivors, and their families will come to recognize the Circle of Hope as an important resource for individuals with breast cancer and others seeking information regarding this disease.

Some of Circle of Hope's accomplishments this year

  • •Over 100 hours of support to women going through cancer
  • •Distributed over 300 food packages to those going through cancer and other illnesses, as well as the elderly, infirm and moms who just gave birth
  • •Monthly Cooking for Hope cooking program for teens
  • •Parternship with Dawson Taxi - offering subsidized transportation to the hospital for patients in Merrick-Bellmore-Wantagh
  • •Evening of Wine, Cheese & Laughter

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